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Carte de France / Map of France

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JohoMaps! 2006


Physical Map of France
(English and French)
  Date:   Jan, 2006 (2nd Ed)
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Dimension:   589 x 614 pixels (233  kb)
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Satellite Image (Europe)
Image Satéllite (France)

National News:
TV5 (French) (Eng)


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Rail Map of Europe (France) by General Rating:
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  • All major cities within the country displayed.  Railways are displayed in classes: high speed rail and ordinary railways.
  • Click on a list of major cities on the left column to find it's location
  • Hard to find international train routes since info is truncated at international boundaries.
  • Click on the list of countries on the right column to view a different country.
  • Put mouse over the legend to find out routes served by various high speed rail services.
  • User-friendliness: 3.5/5
  • Printer-friendliness: 3/5
Required Program No
Road names and highway numbers
Additional Info Major stations and railway routes, country by country


ABC of France (Alsace, Burgundy, Lorraine) General Rating:
  • Concise and appropriate history and information on historic towns in Alsace and Lorraine Regions.
  • Beautiful web design
Required Program Active X control
Road names and highway numbers
Additional Info


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