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Map of Korea

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Map of the Korean Peninsula
  Date:   Jul, 2006 (3rd Ed)
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North Korea

Democratic People's Republic of Korea République Populaire Démocratique de la Corée
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South Korea
Republic of Korea Republique de la Corée

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Names of Korea:
Old names:  Shilla, Koryo (918-1392AD)


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Map of Korea (in Chinese / Korean Hanja) General Rating:
  • Scanned paper map of Seoul.  Click on an area to enlarge the map to full scale.  Chinese only with very few texts translate to English.
  • User-friendliness: 2.8/5
  • Printer-friendliness: 1/5
  • Special Features: None
  • Poor Quality of scanning, some Chinese characters are hard to read.  Note: Chinese characters are no longer widely used in street signs in Korea
Required Program None
Road Names and Highway Numbers (no hwy numbers)
Additional Info N/A

Reference Maps  - External Links

Satellite Photo of Japan and Korea (WorldSat)
13 high definition satellite photos, 12 of Japan and the last one is South Korea.  Seoul is in the top left of the photo.  Place cursor on the thumbnail to see photo. 


Google Sat Photo
  • Map not available yet, satellite photo only
Required Program No
Road names and highway numbers
Additional Info N/A


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